Beth Cabrera

Beth Cabrera, a multifaceted artist, psychologist, and writer, creates captivating collages that blend both analog and digital elements. With a touch of nostalgia, she skillfully rearranges paper fragments, bestowing new narratives onto old memories. Her work echoes her deep understanding of human emotions, inviting us to delve into our own personal cosmos. Her piece “Flying… Continue reading Beth Cabrera


æther is an artist, poet, and enfant terrible. The term “æther” carries various meanings depending on its context. It can refer to the ancient Greek concept of the fifth element, representing a celestial essence. In scientific contexts, it historically denoted a hypothetical medium for transmitting electromagnetic waves. æther’s collage, “The Box,” challenges conventions, interweaving elements… Continue reading æther

Dillan with Art

Aldie, an East Borneo-based digital collage artist, alongside his wife Lina, comprise the creative force known as Dillin with Art. Their passion is evident in their unique, mesmerizing compositions, drawing viewers into a captivating journey. The duo’s hope is that viewers derive joy and appreciation from their work. In “Tangled,” they envision a human-urban connection,… Continue reading Dillan with Art

Su Postill

Su Postill, a Canadian artist, combines fashion and vintage aesthetics in her analog, digital, and mixed media collages. With a background in Fashion Design, she uses found paper materials, embroidery, and hand-drawn elements in her work. The “American Beauties” series features three vintage gym-clad women with faces hidden by a label, triggering reflections on societal… Continue reading Su Postill

Maria Delgado

María Delgado, a Nicaraguan multimedia artist, excels in the world of collage. Through a skillful blending of punk, love, outer-space, and vintage aesthetics, she transforms everyday images into dreamy and psychedelic visuals. Collage serves as María’s creative canvas, where she interweaves personal memories into beautifully organized chaos, constructing an immersive and ever-changing universe. In María’s… Continue reading Maria Delgado

Danilo Cicero

Danilo Cicero, a self-taught artist from Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, has been making his mark in the art world since 2014. Known for his unique aesthetic and versatility, Cicero creates both digital and analog artworks, often collaborating with various artists globally. “LAS CHICAS,” a stunning collage from his “Mi Viejo Buenos Aires” series, is a tribute… Continue reading Danilo Cicero

Lisa McKenna

Lisa McKenna, an accomplished brand designer with over 25 years of experience, has honed her craft across various sectors, including prestigious firms and co-founding the award-winning LIMA Design. This expertise shines through in her NFT collection, a rich tribute to the Brutalism movement where architectural essence takes center stage. In the collection, “Flora” stands out… Continue reading Lisa McKenna

Paulo Jeca

Paulo Jeca, a Brazilian artist, is recognized for his edgy analogue collage experiments inspired by punk aesthetics. His work delves into themes of unease and deconstruction, culminating in visually intriguing art pieces. Paulo’s artistic process, which involves adding and subtracting layers, yields visually striking and distinct compositions. Through his analogue collage methods, Paulo tackles themes… Continue reading Paulo Jeca


Bita, an Iranian artist, captivates audiences with her evocative digital collages and photography. Her works spin tales of identity, self-exploration, freedom, and the cinematic charm, all expertly presented through rich visuals and compelling compositions. Her artwork, “Hope,” is an engaging refuge that promotes authenticity and comfort. The centerpiece is a man holding a sign proclaiming,… Continue reading Bita

Sam SV

Sam SV (@svofshahr) Sam SV, a distinguished visual artist from Tehran, Iran, is renowned for his creative prowess and passion for self-expression. His artistic approach aims to foster change and connection, creating ripples in the international art scene. He explores themes like peace, introspection, and life’s inherent beauty, offering a unique perspective on our shared… Continue reading Sam SV