SuperRare : Genesis Pass

What is the RarePass? RarePass is a historic and groundbreaking initiative curated by SuperRare Labs. This exciting endeavor involves 24 pioneering artists who are actively defining and shaping the future of the cryptoart movement. The RarePass, unlike any other, provides Genesis holders with an array of unparalleled opportunities: monthly artwork airdrops from renowned artists, opportunities… Continue reading SuperRare : Genesis Pass


Introduction In the heart of Paris, Mime, a unique and self-taught artist, is transforming the world of collage art. His inspiration is drawn from diverse sources ranging from ancient Egyptian aesthetics to contemporary architecture. In Mime’s work, each piece is a dialogue between the past and the present, meticulously crafted from images found in second-hand… Continue reading Mime

NUDExGM World: Celebrating Art and Mornings

NUDExGM Sercan Çayir, also known as @Serc1n, inspired a noteworthy project that united 50 nude artists under the banner of #NUDExGM. Each artist submitted a unique piece, all blending to form a cohesive collection celebrating the ubiquitous “Good Morning” (GM) greeting found throughout web3 Twitter. With a deft hand, @Serc1n added his signature “GM” typography… Continue reading NUDExGM World: Celebrating Art and Mornings

World Collage Week : Mega Thread

Celebrated annually, World Collage Day is all about embracing the diverse and expressive art form of collage. It’s a day dedicated to an art that reinvents found materials to breathe life into new visuals. Kolaj Magazine, a platform dedicated to collage art, established World Collage Day in 2018. It’s observed on every second Saturday in… Continue reading World Collage Week : Mega Thread


Jen, a versatile creator from New Jersey, beautifully explores the space of digital art through her enthralling collage NFTs. Apart from other creative ventures like knitting and cooking, she also delves into the world of mixed media, adapting and experimenting, which is evident in her distinct NFT art. “Forbidden Fruit,” a radiant collage on a… Continue reading jensalittleloopy

Nahid Abedi

Nahid, a digital artist, has crafted two remarkable pieces that reveal the enchanting power of music and literature. Both artworks create a captivating synergy of elements, igniting our imagination with their symbolism and evocative imagery. Exploring the harmonious relationship between the universe and music, “On the Rhythm of the Music” is a compelling collage. With… Continue reading Nahid Abedi

Jord Creates

Jord Creates, a collage artist hailing from New Zealand, captivates audiences with their unique artwork. Blending vintage nostalgia with nature and cosmic elements, they create surreal, psychedelic landscapes that evoke wonder and intrigue. One of the pieces I own is “Sunset Serenade.” This captivating digital collage captures a solitary cowboy’s haunting tune reverberating across the… Continue reading Jord Creates


DISA, the mysterious force behind @artdisastr, draws us into a captivating narrative of ‘friendly gangsters’ through a compelling collage art series. The intriguing characters navigate between danger and camaraderie, each piece acting as a window into their lives, shifting perceptions, and challenging norms. “Draining The Past” introduces us to a Red Demon, a grinning figure… Continue reading DISA

Julien Pacaud

Based in Paris, Julien Pacaud is a French artist and illustrator whose journey to his artistic vocation is as fascinating as his work. His diverse background spans astrophysics, snooker, hypnotism, and even teaching Esperanto, all of which contribute unique depth to his art. Pacaud, who harbors a dream of time travel, aspires to focus wholly… Continue reading Julien Pacaud

Alejandro Peters

Alejandro Peters, a talented collage artist from Guatemala, crafts emotive narratives through a seamless blend of analog and digital techniques. His art explores diverse themes, capturing the peaceful allure of sunsets and flowers, while also daring to delve into deeper, haunting imageries of skulls and bones. “Feeling Blue,” an introspective piece, paints a surreal journey… Continue reading Alejandro Peters