The Art of TJ Thorne: Exploring Nature, Emotions, and NFTs

Background and Bio

My good friend, TJ Thorne, is an incredibly talented photographer whose passion for capturing the beauty and tranquility of nature has shaped his life. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, TJ spent his formative years embracing the great outdoors, and has since turned his love for nature into a successful career in fine art photography. TJ’s unique ability to find solace and simplicity through his viewfinder has always amazed me and has helped him gain recognition in the world of photography.

Ebb and Flow

The Ebb and Flow Collection is TJ’s ongoing exploration of the meditative and healing properties of water. I’ve always admired how he captures abstract images of water, finding comfort, peace, and solace in the ever-changing movement of this essential element. This collection showcases his keen eye for detail and his ability to see beauty in the most ordinary moments. I collected two pieces from TJ on drop day, Aug 3rd 2021. Number 15 features blue, green and gold slow waves, while Number 80 showcases green and black water.

Ebb and Flow #15
Ebb and Flow #80

Ebb and Flow – Collector Editions

The Ebb and Flow Collector’s Editions are TJ’s way of saying thank you to the people who have supported him and his work. This series of 1/1 NFTs were made available for collectors to hold or sell. TJ spent over a year spinning the wheel of Twitter names to select the winner for each piece. After about a year, he was relieved to finally send out the 1/1’s to all the collectors, grateful for their support.

Ebb and Flow – Collector Edition #15a
Ebb and Flow – Collectors Edition 80a

Ebb and Flow – Monograph book

TJ’s passion for his Ebb and Flow Collection led him to publish a stunning monograph book featuring 100 abstract images of water captured over six years. The book tells the visual and emotional story of finding serenity within his viewfinder, making it a must-have for fans of his work. I was lucky enough to see the book in NYC – the images were beautiful and crisp, and the materials were high quality. The order process was a bit confusing for me, but I’ll get one in person next time we meet in real life. TJ really went above and beyond to give one to each Ebb and Flow collector.

Figments of Place

In his Figments of Place series, TJ explores non-literal interactions with nature, capturing images that evoke emotions and encourage viewers to create their own journeys with the photographs. These NFTs showcase his ever-evolving creativity and his deep connection with his surroundings. I’ve always been impressed by his artistic growth and his ability to create a personal narrative through his work. I collected a piece from this collection as an NFT as well.

Figments of Place – Evening Walk

Urban Archetypes

During one of our trips to New York City, TJ decided to turn his camera towards the city’s towering skyscrapers. The resulting Urban Archetypes collection highlights the geometric patterns, reflections, and organization of these architectural marvels. I love how he’s shown that even in the most chaotic of places, peace and beauty can still be found. Although I haven’t collected from this collection, I was with TJ in NYC when he was shooting most of the images. We enjoyed bouncing around NYC and hiding in Central Park together.

Urban Archetype Edition


Ripple is a collection of videos that provide a glimpse into the intimate and personal moments that TJ experiences while capturing his photographs. These videos offer a unique perspective on his creative process and further strengthen the emotional connection between his work and his audience. TJ spent months applying to get into Super Rare, and after he got accepted, he spent several more months perfecting “Ripple” before releasing it as an NFT. There is a high-resolution version available for those with the skills to unlock it.


My Relationship with TJ

TJ and I have had the pleasure of meeting up in person at three NYC NFT events in a row. We always enjoyed eating at diners and walking around Central Park, taking in the sights and sounds of the city. TJ takes photos as I Roomba around. We share a private joke – “Change for the 20” – from our memory of getting harassed in Times Square. When we’re not in NYC, we hang around in the RCSA Discord together, navigating the highs of the bull market and the lows of the bear market.

Central Park Chill
Times Square Bustle

Although we come from completely different backgrounds (I’m a city person, and TJ is all about the country), our friendship has blossomed over our shared appreciation for art, ETH, shitcoins, rugs, scams, and NFTs. TJ’s dream is to have an off-grid cabin in the woods, where he can fully immerse himself in the beauty of nature. He is diligently saving up for this dream, accumulating ETH little by little, as he continues to share his passion for photography and the tranquility of the natural world through his NFTs.


TJ Thorne’s work transcends the boundaries of traditional nature photography, offering an emotional and immersive experience for viewers. As a friend, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing his journey into NFTs and his diverse collections, which showcase the depth of his creative talent and his unwavering passion for capturing the beauty and serenity of the world around him. I’m excited to see where his artistic journey takes him next, and I know that his incredible work will continue to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

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