Unifying Art: Brian Cattelle & the NFT Community

Background and Bio

Brian Cattelle is a distinguished photographer with a penchant for black and white imagery. His internationally acclaimed work encompasses contest wins, publication features, and substantial commissioned projects. From high school, Brian has been fascinated by photography, eventually devoting his life to capturing a range of themes and narratives. His projects explore the human condition in “FINE” and “Gummo Land,” as well as gratitude through the “Gratitude Portrait Series.” Brian’s artistic adaptability is evident in his projects like the “90’s 3D Mashup” and the “Halloween Special.”

Gummo Land

Gummo Land #19
Gummo Land #15

Gummo Land is a captivating collection of original Polaroid photos, drawing inspiration from unconventional art and cult films. The series spotlights life’s peculiar and awkward moments, celebrating the unpolished and unapologetic. Brian’s pursuit of personal and creative freedom pushes him beyond his comfort zone, inspiring others to break down barriers and seek total liberation. Recognizing our existence on society’s fringes, this project fosters inclusivity and acceptance. Brian has curated a collection of 50 unique 1/1 NFTs for this series.

Gummo Edition
Gummo Editions

I initially connected with Brian to gain insight into his Gummo Land series, purchasing two pieces to help give him some encouragement to persevere with web3. Seeing the collection sell out was incredible.


Seaview Hospital 01

BARE USA is a thought-provoking nationwide photography project juxtaposing natural beauty with man-made decay. It features nude art models in abandoned locations across the United States, producing captivating images that evoke emotion and spark adventure. The project emphasizes the natural beauty of the female form while challenging societal discomforts with nudity. Encouraging viewers to accept nudity as natural, BARE USA shares unique stories about people and places across the country.

The Pullman Yard 02

When I discovered this collection, I had to grab a few pieces. The innovative project’s topic, location, and composition is impressive. I wish I had collected the pieces from Minneapolis.

NFT Art Van in Miami

In December 2022, I attended Art Basel in Miami, partaking in various events throughout the week. A standout highlight was Brian selling NFTs from the back of his van, displaying them on a screen. That night, he sold both physical art pieces and NFTs to new and existing collectors. I enjoyed a lively night of art discussions with Brian and friends. This event was the first time meeting with Swati and Harini, who have since become good friends.

Black Box NFT Art Festival

Brian and Bryony about to get building

Brian and Bryony collaborated to organize the Black Box NFT Art Festival at The Lower Draw in April 2023. The duo transformed the previously unusable space into a stylish venue for presenting and sharing artwork with friends and fellow enthusiasts.

Outside The Lower Draw

The eventful week began with the Obscura team showcasing different collections, including my Uncanny Valley NFT piece. The location’s limited space couldn’t contain the enthusiastic crowd, which spilled into the street, enjoying drinks in brown paper bags.

Punk Panel

I applied for a spot at the Black Box NFT Event, securing Friday from 6-8 pm. Pop Punk and I joined forces to establish a Punk Panel and invited our friend Norcal to complete the trio. The panel engaged in dynamic discussions about art collection and creation, answering insightful questions from the audience.

Before the event, I curated a video collection of 15 pieces of my work, 15 pieces for Pop Punk, and at least another 120 pieces from 60 other artists in the web3 space. I tried to select people who would attend the event in person to enhance the experience. I learned as I went, creating a PowerPoint presentation, exporting it as a video, and then adding music in iMovie. Thanks to Brian, the video presentation went smoothly, and many friends could showcase their art in the gallery.

Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience 08

During the event, Brian unveiled “Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience,” an evocative piece delving into the concept that our true nature transcends our physical bodies and connects us to a larger, universal consciousness. By examining the idea that we are spiritual beings temporarily inhabiting human forms, Brian’s work encourages viewers to reflect on their place within the broader context of existence and interconnectedness. I collected the piece shared above.

The Black Box NFT Event’s success highlighted the power of community and collaboration in the art world. It provided a platform for artists to showcase their work, exchange ideas, and inspire one another. My experiences with Brian, his projects, and the events they participated in together have undoubtedly left a lasting impression on my perspective on art and creativity. These memories and connections continue to shape their journey in the ever-evolving world of art and NFTs.


As Brian’s career continues to thrive, his dedication to photography, artistic growth, and connecting with diverse audiences remains steadfast. His ability to explore various themes, challenge conventional ideas, and bring people together through his work exemplifies the transformative power of art. My ongoing support for Brian and our shared experiences within the NFT community serve as testaments to the importance of collaboration, friendship, and the pursuit of creative passions in the digital age.

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