SuperRare : Genesis Pass

What is the RarePass?

RarePass is a historic and groundbreaking initiative curated by SuperRare Labs. This exciting endeavor involves 24 pioneering artists who are actively defining and shaping the future of the cryptoart movement. The RarePass, unlike any other, provides Genesis holders with an array of unparalleled opportunities: monthly artwork airdrops from renowned artists, opportunities to own unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, and exclusive access to a vibrant and passionate community of art enthusiasts.

RarePass: Genesis #240

Each artist involved in the RarePass project brings their distinctive style, unique vision, and personal interpretation of the world to their art. They weave together an array of traditional and contemporary techniques, diverse themes, and digital renditions that successfully blur the boundaries between the tangible and virtual worlds.

As we delve deeper into this captivating collection, we will uncover art pieces that are not just aesthetically appealing but are brimming with stories, personal philosophies, and reflective thoughts. Each piece of art serves as a window into the artist’s mind and soul, whilst simultaneously encapsulating their viewpoint on larger worldly phenomena.

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“GOFL” by OSF, June 23

Ovie Faruq, aka OSF, exhibits a compelling career transition from Wall Street trader to a celebrated crypto artist. OSF’s distinctive contributions, such as the renowned Rekt Guys project and a plethora of unique glitch artworks, have etched his name in the cryptoart world. His distinctive style is a testament to his successful immersion in the vibrant web3 space.

GOFL # 93

“GOFL,” a striking series of animated golfers, showcases OSF’s unique glitch-inspired aesthetic. Each piece enthralling viewers with its rich details and engaging animation. Check out OSF’s process by clicking the link to this Tweet. Making animations myself, I appreciate what it takes to make this work.

“Experiments” by Otherworld, May 23

Otherworld, a digital artist and Biomedical Engineering PhD candidate, skillfully blends collage and illustration techniques to breathe new life into older paintings, generating captivating new narratives. His innovative artistry underlines his profound understanding of both traditional and digital art realms.

Experiment #205

“Experiments” is an inventive generative art project, employing layered techniques to produce unique assets. This remarkable project signifies Otherworld’s pioneering exploration into the generative art form, setting a precedent for other digital artists.

“Temporale” by Sarah Zucker, April 23

Los Angeles-based artist Sarah Zucker effortlessly fuses humor, psychedelia, and technology in her art. Her distinct approach has led her to become a recognized figure in the NFT space, minting her art on the blockchain since 2019 and featuring in prominent NFT auctions.

Temporale #105

“Temporale #105” is a 1/1/250 tapestry of time, marrying digital and analog media to depict a fixed vantage point of the fourth dimension. The artwork explores the non-linear nature of time, offering viewers a thought-provoking visual journey through time’s complex maze.


ROBNESS, a pivotal figure in the early cryptoart movement, made waves with his innovative contributions to platforms like SuperRare and Rarible. Despite a controversy leading to a temporary ban, he played an instrumental role in launching the first token airdrop in the NFT space, initiating decentralized governance through the $RARI token.


“GHOSTS OF FIAT 5/5” is a tribute to the turbulent world of crypto markets. This piece encapsulates the Bitcoin Wild West trope through a futuristic lens, reflecting the myriad of absurd events that crypto-enthusiasts have weathered. It recognizes the diverse ‘actors’ and the highs and lows of their financial journey in the new frontier of crypto finance.

“CONSPIRACY Believing is Seeing” by Anne Spalter, Feb23

Anne Spalter, a pioneering mixed media digital artist, explores the modern landscape often capturing scenes transformed by catastrophic events. Her contemplative pieces reflect her fascination with the environment, making her an influential figure in the digital art scene.

Chemtrails 200/250

“Chemtrails 200/250” is an explorative piece delving into the contentious chemtrail theory. Spalter imagines the trails teeming with more than just water vapor, offering a different perspective on a widely debated environmental phenomenon.

Talking Heads” by Coldie, Jan23

Coldie, an avant-garde stereoscopic 3D NFT artist, explores disruptive themes in blockchain technology, tokenizing stereoscopic art and expanding the boundaries of the NFT space. His innovative approach to digital artistry has earned him recognition as a pioneering figure in the cryptoart world.

Talking Heads #171

“Talking Heads,” a thought-provoking series, examines the role of newscasters, questioning their real concern for the impact of their narratives on viewers. Coldie’s unique approach adds a fresh perspective to the discourse, making it a must-have for any serious collector.

Galactic Hypercube” by Pindar Van Arman, Dec22

Van Arman, an AI artist, collaborates with AI painting robots to create remarkable artworks. His experimental approach incorporates AI agents, deep learning, and feedback loops, exploring new artistic horizons and challenging traditional art paradigms.

Decoherence #45

In “Galactic Hypercube,” Van Arman visualizes the unreal, delving into impossible shapes, alternate dimensions, and potential universes. This piece challenges our understanding of reality and incites viewers to imagine the infinite possibilities beyond our perception.


The RarePass, as an artistic platform, bridges the gap between art lovers and creators, providing an avenue for appreciating and acquiring some of the finest digital artworks. The Genesis holders, through this innovative platform, engage with the vibrant world of cryptoart, taking part in a transformative journey. This collection is not just an art showcase but a testament to the evolving future of art in the digital realm.

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