Exploring the Uncanny Valley: A Date Night to Remember

As a curator for Obscura’s 3rd Uncanny Valley NFT collection, I delved into the intersection of art, technology, and human emotion, focusing on the Uncanny Valley concept and the disquiet induced by human-like robotics.

Obscura unites artists, collectors, curators, and builders, striving to create and promote NFT native photography. By harnessing the blockchain for cultural circulation, Obscura redefines how we engage with and value art.

Date Night

To better understand the competition, I crafted “Date Night,” my first 1/1 NFT art piece using Mid-Journey 3.0, and minted it on the Foundation platform. The piece depicts the intimate bond between a man and his robot partner, with matching t-shirts accentuating their connection. It invites contemplation on the blurred lines between human and artificial relationships in our technology-driven world.

Overjoyed that “Date Night” was chosen for the collection, minting in January 2023, its Twitter Space debut generated attention and excitement. Notably, AI artist Claire Silver bid on the piece. Eager for her acquisition, I held off tweeting until the auction ended with a 0.2 ETH sale to the collector.

The success of “Date Night” and the Uncanny Valley NFT collection underscores blockchain’s role in fostering artistic expression and cultural exchange. As exploration of the Uncanny Valley’s emotional and philosophical implications progresses, NFTs and the Obscura community will increasingly influence the future of art and human connection.

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