NUDExGM World: Celebrating Art and Mornings


Sercan Çayir, also known as @Serc1n, inspired a noteworthy project that united 50 nude artists under the banner of #NUDExGM. Each artist submitted a unique piece, all blending to form a cohesive collection celebrating the ubiquitous “Good Morning” (GM) greeting found throughout web3 Twitter. With a deft hand, @Serc1n added his signature “GM” typography to each image, lending a distinct touch to every artwork. Drawing its inspiration from The Memes by @punk6529, the collection was released as an open edition mint on Foundation World.

Season 2


“•NUUDE MORNING•” by @Kozaaaart

“morning ritual” by @alyona_pani

“Beautiful awakening” by @VRimdeyka

“Love Awakening” by @AnnaMonroe

“Ethereal Elegance x GM” by @ksaniroxs

Season 1

“Carpe Diem” by @stela_narayana

“Carpe Diem” – @stela_narayana

Immersed in the spirit of seizing the day, “Carpe Diem” showcases Stela on a beach, her feet joyfully tossed into the air. The black-and-white image, captured by my dear friend Stela based in Rio, is a perfect visual metaphor for embracing the present moment and releasing all worries. It is a gentle reminder of the beauty around us as we journey through our days.

“A Very GM from MVP” by @ModernVintage

“A Very GM from MVP” – @ModernVintage

“A Very GM from MVP” paints a picture of a new day’s awakening. The black-and-white image presents a Thai lady, her arms stretched wide, throwing a light sheet to create a fluid, flowing spectacle. It’s a poignant interpretation of opening one’s eyes and mind to the morning’s offerings, designed with thoughtful precision by my good friend MVP from Thailand.

“NUDExGM” by @juliensunye

“NUDExGM” – @juliensunye

Bringing a slice of Paris into the collection, “NUDExGM” portrays a lady in a vintage hotel bedroom, replete with luxury. Sporting a Playboy bunny mask, she’s engaging in a seductive phone conversation. This black-and-white image, complete with old-fashioned wallpaper and vintage bed-lamps, encapsulates a Sunday morning in Paris, adding a layer of intrigue and allure to the collection.

“The Inner Journey” by @remonnft.eth

“The Inner Journey” – @remonnft.eth

In “The Inner Journey,” we delve into the world of self-discovery. This black-and-white piece showcases Remon, surrounded by a myriad of books, engrossed in thought. His gaze, directed at the camera, exudes a sense of interruption as if he’s been pulled away from his reading. It’s a beautiful portrayal of the compelling and vital journey towards self-knowledge.

“the only gm you’ll ever need” by @HugoFaz

“The Only GM You’ll Ever Need” – @HugoFaz

“The only gm you’ll ever need” is a vibrant color piece created by my friend Hugo Faz, who I met in NYC. A collaborative effort with Fernando Schlaepfer and Felis the cat, the image features Hugo on a set of modern stairs, bathed in the warm glow of a blue sky. The piece speaks to the recurring, comfortable familiarity of mornings.

“Naked Soul” by @daryabes_ph

“Naked Soul” – @daryabes_ph

“Naked Soul” is a tribute to intimacy on a deeper level. Accompanied by a reflective poem, this color image shows a red-haired lady lounging on a sofa. It reminds us that baring one’s soul can be more intimate than physical nudity. This insightful perspective comes from my supportive Twitter friend Darya Besedina, who always pushes the boundaries of conventional thought.

“I don’t want to get up” by @vvribeiro

“I Don’t Want to Get Up” – @vvribeiro

Sometimes, all we need is to embrace the laziness of the morning. “I don’t want to get up” captures this sentiment perfectly. The top-down view of a red-haired lady relaxing on grass, her face shaded by a straw hat, is a color-filled tribute to tranquillity and relaxation. This wonderful depiction of a lazy morning comes from my friend Victor, based in Niterói, RJ.


This project, helmed by @Serc1n, was a resounding success, presenting a beautiful array of distinct art pieces. I am deeply grateful for the chance to collect work from artists I respect, both old friends and new ones alike. This event showcased a rich variety of black-and-white and color images, adding a vibrant diversity that made the collection particularly special. These pieces, each imbued with the spirit of “GM” or “Good Morning,” truly encapsulated the essence of the project, leaving a lasting impression on all who encountered them.

Hyperspek Collectors

My art has resonated with many of these artists, including Stela, MVP, Victor, and Darya. They are all dedicated collectors and fans of my “Punk & Frens” animation series. Stela and MVP also possess pieces from my “AI Adventures” collection. This series of unique 1/1 pieces was created with artificial intelligence, and each captures a distinct memory of Bangkok.