World Collage Week : Mega Thread

Celebrated annually, World Collage Day is all about embracing the diverse and expressive art form of collage. It’s a day dedicated to an art that reinvents found materials to breathe life into new visuals.

Kolaj Magazine, a platform dedicated to collage art, established World Collage Day in 2018. It’s observed on every second Saturday in May. Participating in this day can be as simple as crafting your own collage, visiting a collage art exhibit, or exploring the rich background of collage artistry. Spreading your collage passion on social media with #WorldCollageDay is also encouraged.

A special shoutout goes to Rebecca Rose (@rebeccarosenft) for curating 105 artists into six exhibitions across multiple platforms and crypto chains. Her dedication has greatly promoted the art, providing visibility and building a sense of unity among artists. Thank you to @youmiirror for bringing the event to my attention.

Here is a selection of work I collected on #WorldCollageDay 2023.

Michelle Thompson (@mich_tom)


Michelle Thompson, a noted illustrator, skillfully combines traditional collage with digital methods. Her clients include top names like Royal Mail and BBC, and her work is recognized in global design magazines. With representation by The Liberty Gallery, Thompson’s artwork appears in well-known art events. As she embraces the digital age, she now mostly creates digital commissions and has also delved into NFT art. Her journey shows her ability to adapt and excel in the ever-changing world of illustration.

Her “Muted” collection on Tezos provides a compelling dive into vintage imagery and censorship using collage. The piece “Electric Red” cleverly overlays a bold red paper on a vintage photo of a woman in a plaid swimsuit, introducing elements of mystery and anonymity. Daisy” offers another vintage snapshot, presenting a woman in a floral swimsuit lying on grass. Intriguingly, a red rectangle masks her face and cleavage, prompting reflection on the hidden aspects of her persona.


In “Lounging,” Michelle disrupts societal norms using a vintage image of a topless woman relaxing on a couch. Her body is masked by red and white tape, symbolizing censorship and igniting discussions on restrictions placed on female bodies. Overall, the “Muted” collection on Tezos effectively uses collage to stimulate dialogue about representation, identity, and control.

Erin McGean (@lifewithart_)

Erin McGean, a collage artist, disrupts typical portrayals of women in art. By layering vintage nude photos, she presents a multifaceted view of femininity. Her work, aiming to counteract objectification, instigates thought and embraces diverse experiences. Drawing from her background as a visual arts teacher, Erin has explored analog and digital collages for over 15 years.

Cover Girrrrrl

Cover Girrrrrl” is an NFT artwork by Erin that deconstructs and reimagines Rita Hayworth through a fragmented lens. The piece examines the glamorous and mysterious persona projected by Hollywood stars while acknowledging the false realities they create. It belongs to the “Smoke and Mirrors” series and is a collage created using vintage analog paper techniques.

Post-Truth (@collagepassage)

Post-Truth, an artist based in Berlin, creates thought-provoking collages that tackle societal issues such as misinformation. Their work, which draws inspiration from Picasso and Warhol, has been exhibited globally and featured in prestigious publications. As an artist and academic, Post-Truth is committed to sparking social change through their art.

Post-Truth’s latest collage collection weaves philosophy and aesthetics together, bringing celebrated literary works to life through visually compelling narratives. “On Escape/De l’évasion” portrays a psychedelically patterned human in a rustic setting, provoking thoughts on Emmanuel Levinas’ ideas of evasion.

In “Seismic,” a grayscale collage shows a silhouette against a tiled backdrop, a nod to Ibsen’s views on the pursuit of happiness through rebellion.

Femme Fatale” displays a fractally duplicated woman in formal attire, facing her reflection with a firearm, sparking an exploration of identity.

Demonstration” powerfully depicts Kundera’s concept of demonstrations as expressive outbursts—a societal show where performers quickly discard their roles post-performance. Post-Truth’s work effectively translates philosophical ideas into the visual domain, encouraging viewer introspection.

Post-Truth’s “The Second Sex” is a photo-collage echoing Beauvoir’s feminist principles. A sitting woman is superimposed with a box filled with dismembered mannequin parts, symbolizing the objectification and fragmentation of women in society and offering a potent commentary on gender roles.

Inspired by Monique Wittig’s writing, “Opoponax” prompts viewers to recall or invent their personal narratives of liberation, echoing a poignant call for self-liberation. This monochrome collage communicates a deep sense of desire and resilience.

Going Blind,” informed by R.M. Rilke’s introspective poem, visualizes the anticipation of overcoming hurdles to achieve transcendence. It’s a poignant depiction of an introspective journey, reflecting the poem’s emotional depth.

Finally, “Hedda Gabler,” based on Ibsen’s theater text, celebrates impromptu bravery. The grayscale collage encapsulates the freedom and allure inherent in acts of courage, harmonizing with Ibsen’s profound exploration of human potential. Each piece, skillfully composed, unveils layers of complex meaning, forging an engaging dialogue between the literary and visual arts.

Thierry Tillier (@thierry_tillier)

Thierry Tillier is a celebrated French artist, acclaimed for his dynamic, geometric creations that often embed pop culture elements. An alumnus and lecturer at Paris’ École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, his works have been displayed worldwide at notable galleries such as Centre Pompidou, MoMA, and Tate Modern. He was honored with the prestigious Prix Marcel Duchamp in 1999 and holds the title of Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

Tillier’s “Cut” collection on Tezos showcases a fascinating interplay of artistic expression and technology. Translating his physical artworks into the digital world provides a mesmerizing fusion of abstract shapes and vibrant colors, creating a strong sense of dynamism. The incorporation of fashion models further enriches the compositions, lending an additional layer of intrigue.

The collection is arranged in a 3×3 montage, which reveals a compelling pattern of white backgrounds intersected by black lines and punctuated by primary colors. The fashion models, varying from close-up eyes to full-body images, represent a wide spectrum of styles. Each artwork within the collection possesses a unique aesthetic, together weaving a visually engaging narrative that enhances the allure and depth of the “Cut” collection.

From 1989, “n/b luv Hercule de Paris” epitomizes Tillier’s skill in blending love, collage, poetry, and magic into an enchanting visual poem.

SECRET ARCHIVES,” a 2013 collaborative effort with artists Benoit Piret, Luc Fierens, and Ben exhibited at Galerie Les Contemporains in Brussels, offers an appealing collage poster designed by Little Shiva that shows Fluxus and mail art influences.

Sweet Dreams,” a 1984 creation, is a captivating combination of love, collage, and cut elements, embodying the spirit of NFTism.

Lastly, “GHOST FUCKER – STAR PHANTOM – INTOXICATIONS,” a punk-inspired pirate issue from January 1981 features renowned artists like Patti Smith and Walter Hartmann alongside Tillier, offering a glimpse into a daring and influential period. Thierry Tillier’s artistic repertoire captures the essence of various periods and styles, epitomizing the spirit of artistic exploration.


@MROCCKK1 is a Düsseldorf-based artist specializing in NFT art, who embraces the creative potential of digital processes. In this compelling series of works, @MROCCKK1 delves into the diverse aspects of femininity through distinctive collage creations.

A noteworthy piece is “Femme dans la voiture,” a provocative composition blending nudity, textual elements, and candid femininity representation. This collage draws viewers into a personal and reflective experience, encouraging them to delve into the intricacies of femininity.

Femme en chaussures jaunes” is another captivating piece, fusing modern and contemporary art, collage, and photography. This artwork depicts a woman wearing yellow shoes, beautifully encapsulating fashion and self-expression.

Femme tatouée” further probes into femininity. Combining modern and contemporary art with collage techniques, it presents an enticing depiction of a tattooed woman, prompting introspection on the relationship between body art, identity, and self-expression.

Every piece in the series, including “Femme avec le chien,” featuring a woman with a dog, highlights @MROCCKK1’s artistic prowess and evokes emotions. By artfully melding various elements, @MROCCKK1 provides a captivating and introspective examination of the manifold aspects of femininity.

Sam SV (@svofshahr)

Sam SV, a distinguished visual artist from Tehran, Iran, is renowned for his creative prowess and passion for self-expression. His artistic approach aims to foster change and connection, creating ripples in the international art scene. He explores themes like peace, introspection, and life’s inherent beauty, offering a unique perspective on our shared human experience.

In his work “World of Visuality,” Sam invites viewers on a captivating journey around the globe. Against a vibrant graffiti backdrop, a TV screen displays a collage of photographs from various worldwide locations. This compelling piece combines glitch aesthetics, retro vibes, and colorful imagery, encapsulating Sam’s distinctive artistic style.

S C R E A M” is a striking piece that demands viewer’s attention. Displaying a bold graffiti wall and an intense image of a child screaming, this piece encourages viewers to express their emotions boldly and find their own powerful voice.

Sam’s work, “Peace, Love, Respect,” serves as a potent reminder of shared human values. This piece features a universal peace sign set against a pop-art graffiti backdrop on a People magazine cover.

In contrast, “Follow Your Dreams” employs a Playboy cover as a canvas for an inspiring message. A representation of a girl with eyes covered in green dollar signs embodies the relentless pursuit of dreams.

Nothing Just Chillin‘” presents a classical motif with a modern twist. This piece showcases a marble statue against a graffiti backdrop on a Vogue cover, infusing a sense of playfulness and contemporary style.

Meanwhile, “Srsly?!” provokes thought and introspection on topics like kindness, ethics, and openness. Both pieces, created in collaboration with Dehiscence Collage, skillfully blend modern art, collage, illustration, and pop art elements.

From Caracas To Tehran” exemplifies the power of art to forge global connections and bridge cultural divides. This piece celebrates the universal language of art and its remarkable ability to promote understanding and connection.

Similarly, “What’s On Your Mind ?!” prompts viewers to introspect and reveal their inner thoughts and emotions, encouraging a dialogue about personal perspectives.

The Road To World Peace

The Road To World Peace” is a potent testament to the transformative power of peace and art. The artwork invites viewers to contemplate the significant role that art plays in fostering harmony and unity in our world.

Through this striking collection of graffiti-style artworks, Sam SV showcases his artistic talent and ability to engage viewers. His works serve as a testament to his remarkable ability to create captivating visual narratives that spark dialogue and transcend boundaries. His art encourages exploration of universal themes, stimulating thought and introspection in viewers worldwide.

Bita (@Bitaemm)

Bita, an Iranian artist, captivates audiences with her evocative digital collages and photography. Her works spin tales of identity, self-exploration, freedom, and the cinematic charm, all expertly presented through rich visuals and compelling compositions.

Her artwork, “Hope,” is an engaging refuge that promotes authenticity and comfort. The centerpiece is a man holding a sign proclaiming, “There is still art, there is still hope,” serving as a potent reminder of art’s power to uplift and inspire.

Static” depicts the struggle of feeling stuck in life’s monotony and the urge to escape self-imposed limitations. This piece encourages self-reflection on daily routines and the transformative power within each of us.

The arresting digital collage “Numb” showcases a chic model amid a bold red and white backdrop. This piece explores themes of emotional detachment and numbness in a visually potent manner.

Bita’s “Chiyo” extols individuality amid the crowd. It eloquently symbolizes the interconnectedness of generations and worlds, reflecting the unique contributions each person brings to humanity’s grand mosaic.

le cinéma

Le Cinéma” creates a dreamlike bridge between reality and cinematic enchantment. It depicts a woman applying lip gloss on a huge screen while a man is engrossed in watching her from a solitary chair. This collage instigates reflection on the compelling interplay between being an observer and the observed.

Bita’s artworks encourage us to probe our emotions, evaluate our role in the world, and envision the infinite possibilities within and around us. Each piece unfurls an intriguing narrative, leaving a lasting impact on viewers privileged to encounter her art.

Paulo Jeca (@jeca_paulo)

Paulo Jeca, a Brazilian artist, is recognized for his edgy analogue collage experiments inspired by punk aesthetics. His work delves into themes of unease and deconstruction, culminating in visually intriguing art pieces.

Paulo’s artistic process, which involves adding and subtracting layers, yields visually striking and distinct compositions. Through his analogue collage methods, Paulo tackles themes of disquiet and breakdown, producing artworks that prompt reflection. In “Stupid Lies,” an intricate web of paper and discarded materials is layered to reveal hidden stories. “INVERSO)))06” offers a raw and gritty portrait directly collaged onto a canvas, invoking intense emotions.

INVERSO)))08” draws from a Silver Jews song and packages an analogue collage experiment prompting existential queries. Meanwhile, “Alfabeto” presents Paulo’s analogue collage on an MDF board, displaying his adeptness at fusing varied elements.

Mind Control

By juxtaposing different visual components, “Mind Control” encapsulates the essence of discord and cacophony, stimulating feelings of chaos and mystery. With its portrait-like traits, this artwork encourages viewers to delve into its cryptic narrative.

Lisa Mckenna (@TheArrowNorthCo)

Lisa McKenna, an accomplished brand designer with over 25 years of experience, has honed her craft across various sectors, including prestigious firms and co-founding the award-winning LIMA Design. This expertise shines through in her NFT collection, a rich tribute to the Brutalism movement where architectural essence takes center stage.

In the collection, “Flora” stands out as a testament to Flora Wieckmann and Leonardo Savioli’s impactful functionalist design. Drawing inspiration from their renowned Palazzo della Regione in Florence, the piece reflects a unique austerity that characterizes their work.

Meanwhile, “Lina” pays homage to Lina Bo Bardi. This Italian-Brazilian architect, celebrated for her design of the iconic SESC Pompéia cultural center in São Paulo, imbues the artwork with the raw power of Brutalist design.

Not forgetting “Gae,” an artwork celebrating Gae Aulenti’s transformative modernist and Brutalist creations. Aulenti’s diverse portfolio, with gems like the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, provides a rich canvas of inspiration.

The collection wraps up with “Yvonne,” celebrating the innovations of Le Corbusier, a key figure in Brutalism. His pioneering use of materials, as seen in his works such as the Unité d’Habitation, breathes life into the artwork.

Through this, Lisa McKenna’s NFT collection becomes a living testament to Brutalism, encapsulating the spirit of architectural pioneers in striking digital art.

Danilo Cicero (@ByDaniloCicero)

Danilo Cicero, a self-taught artist from Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, has been making his mark in the art world since 2014. Known for his unique aesthetic and versatility, Cicero creates both digital and analog artworks, often collaborating with various artists globally.

LAS CHICAS,” a stunning collage from his “Mi Viejo Buenos Aires” series, is a tribute to his home province. By manipulating old photos, he crafts a surreal composition that blends elements of trippiness, vintage style, and photomanipulation, resulting in an eye-catching piece.

In “SELEZIONE,” Cicero teams up with renowned photographer Jp_colacioppo. Together, they create a fascinating collage that demonstrates Cicero’s talent for dissecting and manipulating different photographs. This piece artfully merges surrealism, aesthetic principles, and a mix of analog and digital techniques.

Maria Delgado (@MariaDelgadoN)

María Delgado, a Nicaraguan multimedia artist, excels in the world of collage. Through a skillful blending of punk, love, outer-space, and vintage aesthetics, she transforms everyday images into dreamy and psychedelic visuals. Collage serves as María’s creative canvas, where she interweaves personal memories into beautifully organized chaos, constructing an immersive and ever-changing universe.

In María’s analog collage “Smile,” crafted for #februllage, she portrays a young girl with folded arms radiating discontent, set against a serene island beach backdrop. This juxtaposition between the girl’s disquiet and the tranquil setting stirs interest, prompting us to reflect on the intricacies of human emotions.

In contrast, “They’ll Never Find Us” depicts a journey of self-discovery, where individuals form a deep bond with nature, leading to profound self-realizations. This piece encourages contemplation on the transformative power inherent in such experiences.

Su Postill (@supostill)

Su Postill, a Canadian artist, combines fashion and vintage aesthetics in her analog, digital, and mixed media collages. With a background in Fashion Design, she uses found paper materials, embroidery, and hand-drawn elements in her work.

The “American Beauties” series features three vintage gym-clad women with faces hidden by a label, triggering reflections on societal beauty standards and identity. The label accentuates beauty’s societal role and its impact on individual self-perception.

Chocolate,” a mixed media collage, imaginatively intertwines surrealism and vintage aesthetics, using mountains and chocolate as main elements, invoking unique interpretations of the cocoa-based delight.

In “Exit,” a digital collage, a swimmer plunges into a notepad, creating a surreal vintage scene. The digital medium enhances the intricacy and surrealism of the piece. These artworks, part of the 2023 #februllage challenge, highlight the creative vibrancy of the collage community.

Dillan with Art (@aldienyunyu)

Aldie, an East Borneo-based digital collage artist, alongside his wife Lina, comprise the creative force known as Dillin with Art. Their passion is evident in their unique, mesmerizing compositions, drawing viewers into a captivating journey. The duo’s hope is that viewers derive joy and appreciation from their work.

In “Tangled,” they envision a human-urban connection, depicting a giant woman practicing yoga in a dilapidated city building. Her limbs extend through the windows, harmonizing human presence with urban decay.

Girl with a Pearl Surfboard” sees classic art colliding with modern surf culture. In this dynamic scene, an iconic figure from art history, the “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” stands tall on a surfboard amidst a city overtaken by a massive tidal wave.

Their piece “Haha Collage” employs whimsical surrealism. A vintage woman’s face, adorned with eyes and hair made from garden vegetation, bursts with laughter against a backdrop of a glitching cityscape.

GM – Have a nice day” is a minimalist piece with a fun twist. It features a person revealing a soldier’s upper body within a fat-free space during weight loss. The figure cheerfully sips coffee and greets viewers with a hearty “GM”.

Through their art, Aldie and Lina construct intriguing visual narratives, inviting viewers to explore a world where reality and imagination merge. Their work is a testament to their artistic talent and dedication.

aether (@aethersovereign)

æther is an artist, poet, and enfant terrible. The term “æther” carries various meanings depending on its context. It can refer to the ancient Greek concept of the fifth element, representing a celestial essence. In scientific contexts, it historically denoted a hypothetical medium for transmitting electromagnetic waves.

æther’s collage, “The Box,” challenges conventions, interweaving elements of fetish and eroticism. This provocative artwork invites the viewer into a deep, personal exploration, encouraging the revelation of hidden desires and a critical inspection of societal norms.

Heaven,” another riveting piece from æther, places consciousness at its core. This mixed media collage is an homage to iconic artists like Man Ray and Ed Ruscha. It immerses the viewer into ethereal dimensions of self-awareness, skillfully intertwining diverse artistic elements for a unique journey of introspection.

The striking collage “Resistance” employs vintage magazine photos from the Paris riots in May 1968, minimal digital enhancements amplifying its powerful symbolism. This piece encapsulates a defiance against authoritarianism, a timely echo of societal struggles and the collective push for change.

Through his artistic prowess and adept manipulation of various mediums, æther provokes thought and stirs emotions, encapsulating introspection, consciousness, and resistance within his lasting artworks.

Beth Cabrera (@cavernicollage)

Beth Cabrera, a multifaceted artist, psychologist, and writer, creates captivating collages that blend both analog and digital elements. With a touch of nostalgia, she skillfully rearranges paper fragments, bestowing new narratives onto old memories. Her work echoes her deep understanding of human emotions, inviting us to delve into our own personal cosmos.

Her piece “Flying Scissors” celebrates #WorldCollageDay, a mesmerizing harmony of diverse elements skillfully assembled. Through Cabrera’s eyes, viewers voyage to a land where creativity is uninhibited.

The Deep” plunges us into an intriguing aquatic domain. Harnessing her proficiency in surreal and mixed media, Cabrera concocts a frigid, dim “white desert,” home to an array of peculiar inhabitants, adapted and thriving in their surreal surroundings.

Had to agree

Meanwhile, “Had to agree” presents a sentimental tribute to the enduring charm of vintage cookbooks. Through surreal interpretations and mixed media, Cabrera revives these nostalgic culinary gems, stirring feelings of warmth and artful appreciation.

Beth Cabrera’s collages transcend conventional boundaries, inspiring viewers to embrace their own creative journeys and discover beauty in unexpected combinations. Her artistry is a testament to the power of collage as a medium for self-expression and storytelling.

Alejandro Peters (@alejandropeters)

Alejandro Peters, a talented collage artist from Guatemala, crafts emotive narratives through a seamless blend of analog and digital techniques. His art explores diverse themes, capturing the peaceful allure of sunsets and flowers, while also daring to delve into deeper, haunting imageries of skulls and bones.

Feeling Blue,” an introspective piece, paints a surreal journey of emotional strife through handcrafted mixed media. The work is a poignant reflection on life’s burdens, beautifully draped in shades of blue.

In contrast, “Don’t stress, have fun” champions the virtues of liberation and self-care. Amidst a whirlwind of chaos, it’s a welcome reminder to seek solace, fostering a deep sense of reflection and connection with our fluctuating emotions.

Sad sunset

With “Sad Sunset,” Peters masterfully marries the ephemeral charm of sunsets and blossoms with the stark symbolism of skulls and bones. This piece conveys an intriguing dance of melancholy and transience, a testament to life’s fleeting nature.

In his collage art, Alejandro Peters stirs our emotions, inviting us to journey through the complexity of the human experience, from sadness and introspection to resilience and joy.

Julien Pacaud (@julienpacaud)

Based in Paris, Julien Pacaud is a French artist and illustrator whose journey to his artistic vocation is as fascinating as his work. His diverse background spans astrophysics, snooker, hypnotism, and even teaching Esperanto, all of which contribute unique depth to his art. Pacaud, who harbors a dream of time travel, aspires to focus wholly on his passion. His mesmerizing solo exhibitions have adorned esteemed venues globally, such as Angers’ Galerie 19 and the TBWA Chiat Day offices in Los Angeles.

In “Voice of the Spider Pink,” Pacaud employs AI techniques to fuse disparate elements into a captivating composition. The enigmatic title further intrigues, enticing viewers to unearth the artwork’s hidden narratives.

Mist Storm Rips Banana” offers a surreal journey into Pacaud’s mind, showcasing his innovative approach to art through a melding of fragmented imagery and adept collage work. His pioneering use of AI blurs the boundaries of traditional art, hinting at the unlimited potential of technology in modern creativity.

DISA! (@artdisastr)

DISA, the mysterious force behind @artdisastr, draws us into a captivating narrative of ‘friendly gangsters’ through a compelling collage art series. The intriguing characters navigate between danger and camaraderie, each piece acting as a window into their lives, shifting perceptions, and challenging norms.

Draining The Past” introduces us to a Red Demon, a grinning figure that symbolizes transformation and the shedding of a burdensome past. The scene is set against a vibrant blue backdrop, with dossier-like clippings narrating the figure’s journey.

Next, we enter the world of “Wrapped Drama,” an intricate tale of relationships. Here, a suited figure shares a stage with a newspaper-reading Red Demon, surrounded by faded punk images. The artistry weaves a complex narrative, imbuing the scene with drama and mystery.

Coven of Bereaved

The narrative takes a solemn turn in “Coven of Bereaved.” A secretive sanctuary harbors seven figures, their faces masked by grinning Red Demons. Amid the hushed silence of a church, they share grief and find solace, underlining the power of unity in sorrow.

I’m Lost and Helpless” switches the tone to vulnerability. Lost in a forest, a figure dressed in red grapples with their Red Demon identity. The word “HELPLESS” resonates through the scene, embodying a quest for purpose.

Lastly, “Exiled from Humanity” presents a journey of self-discovery and resilience. An isolated figure, distanced from societal norms, confronts their Red Demon face against a backdrop of revealing clippings.

Through her art series, DISA guides us into a world rich with emotions and relationships. Her masterful compositions and compelling characters blur the lines between menace and camaraderie, showcasing the unity found in the most unexpected circles.

Jord Creates (@JordCreates)

Jord Creates, a collage artist hailing from New Zealand, captivates audiences with their unique artwork. Blending vintage nostalgia with nature and cosmic elements, they create surreal, psychedelic landscapes that evoke wonder and intrigue.

One of the pieces I own is “Sunset Serenade.” This captivating digital collage captures a solitary cowboy’s haunting tune reverberating across the wild west’s untamed expanses as the sun dips below the horizon.

Diamonds Are Forever,” another piece from my collection, was a cherished gift from the artist. With surreal elements intertwined with vibrant diamonds, the artwork is a testament to the enduring bonds between artists and their patrons, celebrating their mutual admiration and support.

Nahid Abedi (@nahidabedi)

Nahid, a digital artist, has crafted two remarkable pieces that reveal the enchanting power of music and literature. Both artworks create a captivating synergy of elements, igniting our imagination with their symbolism and evocative imagery.

Exploring the harmonious relationship between the universe and music, “On the Rhythm of the Music” is a compelling collage. With a celestial tapestry of night skies, galaxies, and musical notes, it symbolizes the soul-stirring and imaginative power that music lends to existence.

Librarian,” the second piece, pays tribute to the enchantment of books. Leveraging Nahid’s mastery of digital art and illustration, it depicts a book as a gateway to fantastical worlds. Set against a cosmic backdrop, a pin-up model, butterflies, and flowers add a whimsical touch. This piece beautifully emphasizes the transformative and escapist allure of literature.

jensalittleloopy (@jenjustjen3)

Jen, a versatile creator from New Jersey, beautifully explores the space of digital art through her enthralling collage NFTs. Apart from other creative ventures like knitting and cooking, she also delves into the world of mixed media, adapting and experimenting, which is evident in her distinct NFT art.

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit,” a radiant collage on a book cover, combines AI with traditional collage techniques and vibrant elements like lemons and soda. Crafted for World Collage Day 2023, this artwork has an open edition availability, spreading the joy it encapsulates.

Her piece, “Looking for my pot of gold,” is a charming AI-generated collage, perfectly capturing the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. It invites viewers into a magical world of vibrant rainbows, playful leprechauns, and the hopeful quest for a hidden pot of gold.

The last intriguing artwork, “Need more cowbell I’m so tired,” is a digital collage blending surrealism with whimsical elements. With AI, trash art, and a nod to the mundanity of cubicle life, it infuses an ordinary scene with a touch of delightful absurdity.

Jen’s distinctive collage NFTs reveal a keen artistic sensibility, blending vintage elements with surrealism to reinterpret ordinary scenes into vibrant, imaginative digital artworks.


In wrapping up, World Collage Day isn’t just an observance of collage as an artistic medium; it’s also a tribute to the innovative artists who expand its potential and explore its infinite possibilities. This year’s 2023 celebration demonstrated the vast scope and adaptability of collage, as exhibited by an array of artists around the world.

The artists spotlighted here, such as Michelle Thompson, who blends traditional and digital collage, Paulo Jeca, who experiments with punk-inspired aesthetics, and Alejandro Peters, who skilfully combines analog and digital techniques, encapsulate the wide-ranging creativity within the collage community. Each artist, with their unique vision and style, enriches the dynamic canvas that is the realm of collage art.

So, whether you’re a seasoned collage creator or a novice captivated by this art form, plan to join the festivities next year on the second Saturday of May. Keep producing, sharing, and above all, relishing the complex beauty of collage art. Happy #WorldCollageDay!

Personally, I feel inspired to dabble in collage creation myself. In a way, my Punk and Frens pieces could be considered animated collages, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

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