Punk & Frens – The Reckoning

Part 2 of the Grifter Trilogy

In a dimly lit alleyway, two government grifters huddled together, deep in conversation. Their eyes darted around nervously as they spoke in hushed tones, plotting their next move.

“We need to find a way to bring down crypto,” one said, his voice low and urgent.

The other nodded in agreement. “It’s too volatile. We need to protect our citizens from the risks.”

As they spoke, a group of punks rounded the corner, their protest banners held high.

“Hey!” one of them shouted. “What are you guys up to?”

The grifters froze, caught off guard by the sudden interruption.

“We’re just… discussing policy,” one stammered.

“Policy, huh?” the punk sneered. “Sounds more like corruption to me.”

The grifters exchanged a nervous glance, realizing they had been caught. But before they could respond, the punks unfurled their banners, revealing a message in bold, block letters:

“Crypto is for the people, not the politicians!”

The grifters recoiled as the punks advanced, their voices rising in protest. In that moment, they knew their plan to undermine crypto was doomed. The people had spoken, and they would not be silenced.

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