Jen, a versatile creator from New Jersey, beautifully explores the space of digital art through her enthralling collage NFTs. Apart from other creative ventures like knitting and cooking, she also delves into the world of mixed media, adapting and experimenting, which is evident in her distinct NFT art.

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit,” a radiant collage on a book cover, combines AI with traditional collage techniques and vibrant elements like lemons and soda. Crafted for World Collage Day 2023, this artwork has an open edition availability, spreading the joy it encapsulates.

Her piece, “Looking for my pot of gold,” is a charming AI-generated collage, perfectly capturing the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. It invites viewers into a magical world of vibrant rainbows, playful leprechauns, and the hopeful quest for a hidden pot of gold.

The last intriguing artwork, “Need more cowbell I’m so tired,” is a digital collage blending surrealism with whimsical elements. With AI, trash art, and a nod to the mundanity of cubicle life, it infuses an ordinary scene with a touch of delightful absurdity.

Jen’s distinctive collage NFTs reveal a keen artistic sensibility, blending vintage elements with surrealism to reinterpret ordinary scenes into vibrant, imaginative digital artworks.

jensalittleloopy (@jenjustjen3)

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