Nahid Abedi

Nahid, a digital artist, has crafted two remarkable pieces that reveal the enchanting power of music and literature. Both artworks create a captivating synergy of elements, igniting our imagination with their symbolism and evocative imagery.

Exploring the harmonious relationship between the universe and music, “On the Rhythm of the Music” is a compelling collage. With a celestial tapestry of night skies, galaxies, and musical notes, it symbolizes the soul-stirring and imaginative power that music lends to existence.

Librarian,” the second piece, pays tribute to the enchantment of books. Leveraging Nahid’s mastery of digital art and illustration, it depicts a book as a gateway to fantastical worlds. Set against a cosmic backdrop, a pin-up model, butterflies, and flowers add a whimsical touch. This piece beautifully emphasizes the transformative and escapist allure of literature.

Nahid Abedi (@nahidabedi)

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