Diving into My Hackatao Collection: A Journey Through Artistic Crypto Creations

Background and Bio

Hackatao, the Milan-based artistic duo composed of Sergio “S” and Nadia “N”, has been reimagining the art world since 2007 with their surreal style and enigmatic Podmork characters. Participating in numerous exhibitions, the duo has embraced crypto art and NFTs, masterfully weaving traditional art forms with the ever-changing digital realm. They have blended their love for unveiling hidden secrets (Hack) and pursuing harmony (Tao) to experiment with diverse artistic expressions before fully immersing themselves in crypto art in 2018.

In 2018, Hackatao delved into the world of blockchain and crypto art, liberating themselves from the limitations of traditional art. Tokenizing their first work, “Girl next door,” they have since actively participated in the development and popularization of crypto art. Additionally, they have integrated augmented reality into their creations, seamlessly connecting physical artworks with digital tokens.


Heroines – Carry The World Forward

Hackatao joined forces with acclaimed artist José Delbo to create the Heroines series on MakersPlace. This captivating collection includes seven distinct pieces, each highlighting an inspirational quote from a celebrated female figure. The visually stunning piece “Carry The World Forward” features a powerful heroine and is inspired by Madonna’s quote, “I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.”

The series celebrates the strength and wisdom of various influential women, with quotes from Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Emma Watson, Marie Curie, Rihanna, Michelle Obama, and Frida Kahlo. Each artwork embodies the essence of the respective quote, capturing the resilience, intelligence, and courage these women embody and conveying a message of empowerment and inspiration.

Queens Open Edition

Queen of Multitude
Queen of Pop

One of their mesmerizing creations, “Queen of Multitude,” was released on Nifty Gateway in February 2021. This vibrant piece showcases a powerful and enigmatic figure adorned with intricate details and multiple faces, embodying the essence of multitude. I acquired one of the 98 edition pieces for my collection, complemented by a profound poem and evocative music by Lilsiri.eth. Though I didn’t collect “Queen of Pop,” another visually striking piece featuring a vivid juxtaposition of pop culture icons and kitschy elements, I can still appreciate the artistry of the accompanying poem.

HIDDEN Open Editions

/Un/covered – Hypno
Un/covered/ – Aware

The HIDDEN Open editions, a collaborative effort between Hackatao and Skygolpe, unveiled in May 2021, examine our interconnected identities in the post-internet age. I collected “/Un/covered – Hypno,” a piece exploring the duality of individuality and collective archetypes. The artwork features a hypnotic blend of colors and shapes, drawing the viewer into a mysterious digital realm. The limited edition piece “Un/covered/ – Aware” delves into the depths of the digital unconscious, portraying an enigmatic figure surrounded by swirling patterns and elements that evoke a sense of being submerged in a digital ocean.


Expanding my collection, I obtained “/In/,” a H/ID/DEN Open Edition work by Skygolpe and Hackatao. The artwork unveils a concealed network of collective hallucination, offering a fresh perspective on the digital era. The piece presents a chaotic, yet harmonious, mix of abstract shapes, colors, and patterns that evoke the feeling of navigating an ever-changing digital landscape.


Purchasing “/In/” qualified me for a raffle, and I was fortunate to win “/In//Un/,” a limited edition piece ingeniously combining various elements. The artwork masterfully blends fluid forms with geometric shapes and vivid colors, symbolizing the convergence of the unknown and the familiar in the digital world.

We Are Here

We Are Here

We Are Here,” launched in November 2021, narrates a unicorn’s voyage into the realm of crypto art, accompanied by enchanting music from Matermanto. The artwork captures the whimsical nature of the unicorn, adorned with an array of vibrant hues and patterns, as it embarks on a journey through the ethereal world of digital art.



As a holder of $MORK, I became eligible for a raffle featuring “Kaliban“, Hackatao’s dog. After six months, I won the raffle, bringing the enigmatic black guardian of Hackatao’s art into my collection. The piece portrays Kaliban as a majestic, yet mysterious figure, surrounded by an aura of darkness and intrigue. Its captivating gaze and otherworldly presence evoke a sense of protection and loyalty to Hackatao’s artistic creations.

Defi Bar in Cryptovoxels

Hyperspeks Milan Voxel Gallery

My passion for Hackatao’s art extends into the metaverse, where I showcase my collection in a CryptoVoxels gallery. I enjoy enhancing the experience by creating playful 3D models to complement the art. In one instance, I designed a bar inspired by a memorable visit to Pattaya, where I encountered chairs shaped like derrieres. The chairs’ colors harmonize with the artworks, while a life-size Hackatao queen with elongated arms serves cocktails and beers from behind the counter.

Queens and Kings


Queens and Kings (Q+K), a pioneering project by Hackatao in collaboration with NFT Studios, pushes the boundaries of PFP (Profile Picture) art. Endorsed by Sotheby’s and the Hackatao community, the project enables collectors to exchange avatar traits, nurturing a one-of-a-kind artistic experience. Despite the challenges of managing the extensive collection, it exhibits the duo’s trailblazing approach to crypto art.


By delving into my Hackatao collection, I hope to showcase the duo’s innovative approach to crypto art and the captivating realm it inhabits. Their ability to seamlessly blend traditional art forms with emerging technologies has resulted in a diverse and fascinating array of digital art pieces. As crypto art continues to thrive, artists like Hackatao, who push boundaries and reshape our perception of art in the digital age, will undoubtedly pave the way for a unique and immersive experience for collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

In conclusion, exploring my Hackatao collection has been an incredible journey through the world of artistic crypto creations. Their work demonstrates not only their distinct artistic style but also their ability to adapt to and embrace new technologies in the ever-evolving digital landscape. This dynamic fusion of art and technology has led to the creation of immersive experiences and captivating stories that resonate with a wide audience.

As the world of crypto art expands and artists continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, Hackatao’s work serves as a shining example of the potential that lies within this fascinating intersection of art and technology. Collectors and art enthusiasts can look forward to a future filled with unique, innovative, and thought-provoking works, as artists like Hackatao continue to pave the way for new possibilities in the realm of digital art.

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