DISA, the mysterious force behind @artdisastr, draws us into a captivating narrative of ‘friendly gangsters’ through a compelling collage art series. The intriguing characters navigate between danger and camaraderie, each piece acting as a window into their lives, shifting perceptions, and challenging norms.

Draining The Past” introduces us to a Red Demon, a grinning figure that symbolizes transformation and the shedding of a burdensome past. The scene is set against a vibrant blue backdrop, with dossier-like clippings narrating the figure’s journey.

Next, we enter the world of “Wrapped Drama,” an intricate tale of relationships. Here, a suited figure shares a stage with a newspaper-reading Red Demon, surrounded by faded punk images. The artistry weaves a complex narrative, imbuing the scene with drama and mystery.

Coven of Bereaved

The narrative takes a solemn turn in “Coven of Bereaved.” A secretive sanctuary harbors seven figures, their faces masked by grinning Red Demons. Amid the hushed silence of a church, they share grief and find solace, underlining the power of unity in sorrow.

I’m Lost and Helpless” switches the tone to vulnerability. Lost in a forest, a figure dressed in red grapples with their Red Demon identity. The word “HELPLESS” resonates through the scene, embodying a quest for purpose.

Lastly, “Exiled from Humanity” presents a journey of self-discovery and resilience. An isolated figure, distanced from societal norms, confronts their Red Demon face against a backdrop of revealing clippings.

Through her art series, DISA guides us into a world rich with emotions and relationships. Her masterful compositions and compelling characters blur the lines between menace and camaraderie, showcasing the unity found in the most unexpected circles.

DISA! (@artdisastr)

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