Jord Creates

Jord Creates, a collage artist hailing from New Zealand, captivates audiences with their unique artwork. Blending vintage nostalgia with nature and cosmic elements, they create surreal, psychedelic landscapes that evoke wonder and intrigue. One of the pieces I own is “Sunset Serenade.” This captivating digital collage captures a solitary cowboy’s haunting tune reverberating across the… Continue reading Jord Creates

World Collage Week : Collecting 2023

Celebrated annually, World Collage Day is all about embracing the diverse and expressive art form of collage. It’s a day dedicated to an art that reinvents found materials to breathe life into new visuals. Kolaj Magazine, a platform dedicated to collage art, established World Collage Day in 2018. It’s observed on every second Saturday in… Continue reading World Collage Week : Collecting 2023