Alejandro Peters

Alejandro Peters, a talented collage artist from Guatemala, crafts emotive narratives through a seamless blend of analog and digital techniques. His art explores diverse themes, capturing the peaceful allure of sunsets and flowers, while also daring to delve into deeper, haunting imageries of skulls and bones.

Feeling Blue,” an introspective piece, paints a surreal journey of emotional strife through handcrafted mixed media. The work is a poignant reflection on life’s burdens, beautifully draped in shades of blue.

In contrast, “Don’t stress, have fun” champions the virtues of liberation and self-care. Amidst a whirlwind of chaos, it’s a welcome reminder to seek solace, fostering a deep sense of reflection and connection with our fluctuating emotions.

Sad sunset

With “Sad Sunset,” Peters masterfully marries the ephemeral charm of sunsets and blossoms with the stark symbolism of skulls and bones. This piece conveys an intriguing dance of melancholy and transience, a testament to life’s fleeting nature.

In his collage art, Alejandro Peters stirs our emotions, inviting us to journey through the complexity of the human experience, from sadness and introspection to resilience and joy.

Alejandro Peters (@alejandropeters)

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