Pepe the Frog: From Meme Icon to Crypto Influencer

Introduction Pepe the Frog, a humble amphibian character, has morphed into an enduring symbol of internet culture. Originating from the mind of an artist to the meme at the heart of countless online communities, Pepe now finds himself leading a digital currency. This remarkable journey demonstrates the transformative power of the internet. In this extended… Continue reading Pepe the Frog: From Meme Icon to Crypto Influencer

Ringer, Pump and Wrapture

Dmitri Cherniak’s Generative Art: Uniting Communities Through The Eternal Pump and The Wrapture In the realm of digital art, generative artist Dmitri Cherniak has captured the attention of many with his intricate and visually captivating creations generated from code. Cherniak first rose to prominence with his “Ringers” NFT collection, launched on the Art Blocks platform… Continue reading Ringer, Pump and Wrapture