Punk & Frens – Miami Portal

Miami Portal: Punk & Frens NFT Series On November 27th, 2022, the Miami Portal was released, marking a memorable moment in the Punk & Frens series. This second minted piece, with a manifold edition of 69, sold out in under 45 minutes. The astounding success of this free mint highlights the growing enthusiasm for the… Continue reading Punk & Frens – Miami Portal

Punk & Frens – Golden Skater

Title: “Golden Skater”: A Punk & Frens NFT Introduction As a digital artist, I’m excited to share the story behind “Golden Skater,” my first minted piece in the Punk & Frens series. Released on November 22nd, 2022, this free manifold edition of 69 pieces sold out in less than 60 minutes. The Creative Process Creating… Continue reading Punk & Frens – Golden Skater